Welcome to Cosmos Ignite Innovations...

Billions of people around the world lack even the most basic services, from electricity to clean water. More than a third of the world's people live without access to electricity. The arrival of dusk often brings darkness to lives, education & livelihoods.

Millions of homes in India & around the world are left to the mercy of dim light from dangerous, polluting & expensive-to-use kerosene oil lamps. Equally, even larger millions have little or erratic power. The growing energy crisis heralds the urgent need for novel solutions. Can Disruptive Technology help cut through the mire of age old problems? Can Renewable Energy light a path to a new dawn? Can we deliver this through a Sustainable Corporate Venture?

The world is changing. As we became ever more interlinked, there is a growing sense of need to work together to solve global problems- both amongst different countries & different sections of society. The emerging phenomenon of Social Entrepreneurship & the market at the Bottom of the Pyramid, throw up new possibilities to serve billions of people who live on less than $1/ day.

Cosmos Ignite Innovations is a new venture in “social entrepreneurship” with the vision of “Empowering lives through innovative products”, beginning with the mission to help “Removal of Darkness” from homes without light (who are forced to use expensive & dangerous kerosene oil lamps in India & developing countries around the world).

We seek to bring to bear disruptive technology through innovative products; delivered through a sustainable model in partnership with leaders from the Development, Government & Commercial sectors; to help support education, livelihoods & “ignite” social change.

Our first product is a Light Emitting Diode based Solar Light, incorporating revolutionary new LED technology, rated not to fuse for 100,000 hours (up to 30 years on usage of 8 hrs daily). The ‘MightyLight’ is a one-of-a-kind Long-life, Low-cost, No-maintenance, Environmentally-friendly light, which is also Multi-purpose (use as a ceiling light, wall light & mobile light), Water-resist & Shock-resist. It also yields breakthrough Energy-savings compared to any other ‘bulb’ for lighting. It is our first step…

We welcome you to try it… come share the vision!